Issue 1
Summer 2015

How can we account for the pervasive sense that contemporary art is not moving forward, is spinning its wheels? At a time of unprecedented attention for visual art, not to mention a perpetual market boom, why the endless nostalgia?
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The Value of Reflection

by Elisabeth Lebovici

It took five decades, but at last Joan Jonas has won the recognition she deserves for her intricate installations and videos. A pre-Venetian chronicle of the woman who held up the mirror — and refashioned art in the process

Anchor Song

by Zachary Woolfe

Don’t let MoMA’s Björk fiasco mislead you; music has its place in the museum. How an art world beyond technical skill listens to Beethoven, and Beyoncé

Declaration of Dependence

by Laura McLean-Ferris

Even the studio is no place to hide. Everyone knows everyone, everyone needs everyone; your relationships are as Instagrammable, and as shudder-inducing, as an ice bucket dumped overhead


Luc Tuymans

“I’ve never made a mystery about the fact that I use imagery that exists, that comes out of a newspaper or anywhere else. Which I think is elemental as a question of freedom of speech. If you can’t do that anymore, in what way can you actually be contemporary? Imagine if I had asked the PR of Condoleezza Rice to make a painting of her!”

Marwa Arsanios

“You keep on trying. You know that most probably you’re going nowhere. But you keep on trying. This is a strategy — this is being an artist, actually. Trying, trying forever. It’s the opposite of a utopian model.”