Arrested Development

Corruption, negligence, dodgy exorcists: South Korea’s president was impeached after years of on-screen drama. The world’s most dynamic cinema now comes from Seoul — and its cult gangster and horror movies set the stage this year for a nationwide reckoning
by Michelle Cho

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From Issue 7

Can’t Buy Me Love

by Silas Martí

A brash host of The Apprentice takes power — in São Paulo. But if you think the new mayor is the most tasteless citizen of Latin America’s largest city, you should meet his artist wife

“She went on to tell me that her assistants, before joining her team, all lived in shacks. She gave them new homes, new teeth and good — private — health care. ‘They’re happy today,’ Bia exulted. ‘They even feel like they’re artists, because they work for me.’”

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From Issue 7

Rei Kawakubo at the altar

On her wedding day, Judith Thurman had planned to wear a dark, wooly dress from Comme des Garçons — but not all desires are created equal. She speaks to Even assistant editor Lynette Lee on the occasion of Kawakubo’s Met retrospective: “Fashion magazines are constantly appealing to teenage girls and women in their 20s, because you go where the desire is strongest. You appeal to people who are passionate, passionate, passionate, so they’ll spend money they don’t have.”

Two interviews from issue 7

Charline von Heyl

“When I started out I wanted the paintings to basically torture people. What I want now is something that seduces more than it angers.”

Christodoulos Panayiotou

“Ballet is a highly sophisticated emotional expression, but it was central to a political project: the governance of Louis XIV. The world is ballet, and he is in the center of it.”

From the archive

The Robot’s Mixtape

The boundary between man and machine became foggy long before the advent of Instagram and Spotify. Your computer is already smarter than you; might it soon have better taste, too?
by Deirdre Loughridge


The art of Jane Chang Mi, and what you can find underwater